A really interesting name, if you think about it’s 2 interpretations. I don’t know if this is primeval, but I’d have to admit this crazily delicious combo of smoked brisket, ratatouille, and cheddar did have me throwing all eating etiquettes to the wind, reaching right in with my (yes sanitized ok) hands, and demolishing this with abandon. Would I call this the most fundamental of bagelwiches to try? If you consider the Novena outlet’s emphasis on smoked meats, made in-house btw, then yes: it’s utterly essential to try this. The smoked brisket’s gotta be among the most flavourful ones I’ve had. It’s got that lovely, burnt bits and caramelised crust, nicely seasoned without masking that meaty, beefy flavour, and a good ratio of tender meat to melt-in-your-mouth fat. Did I mention how generous they are with the brisket as well? Put that together with a stellar ratatouille with roasted capsicums, and some melted, stringy cheddar, and of course their fabulous handmade bagels — you’ve got mega hearty, winner of a bagelwich here, one that I’d say showcases the best of what TMBH has to offer.