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Good and halal-certified burgers!

I was browsing Golden Mile Food Centre and I noticed the long queue snaking from Burgs, a Muslim-owned stall selling burgers. The kiasuness in me told me to join the queue not knowing what I was getting into.

I had ordered the double version Burgs’ bacon & cheese burger. I was set back by 30 minutes from the queueing and waiting for collection. My friends had all finished their respective meals by the time I got my food. So was it worth the wait?

Now both the beef patties were perfect and extremely juicy. Almost impossible not to make a mess. The large strips of beef bacon were a blessing atop the melted American cheese and BBQ sauce. It was a really beautiful burger. But was it worth 30 minutes? Not really. You’re better off trying many other great options around the food centre but I must say that Burgs is still a must-try.