Saw @misstamchiak sharing about @macphersonmincedmeatnoodles Minced Meat Noodles moved to Woodlands recently. So near me, I have to go check it out!⠀

I really love the 小碗面 (Small Bowl Noodle) Soup. There's so much ingredients inside, egg, minced pork, big slices of pork, pork liver and fishcake. The soup is so rich & flavourful! I enjoy the soup to the very last drop ❤. This you must try 💋💋💋!⠀

They served their minced meat noodles with al dente springy noodles with vinegar, chilli and mushroom sauce. Personally, I prefer softer noodles with lots of pork lards 🙊!⠀

Do go earlier before they sold out, there will always be a queue but don't worry, they serve fast!⠀

📍Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-18, Singapore 738623⠀

Opening Hours: 7am to 2pm or sold out, closed every Wednesdays.⠀

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