Beneath the busy streets of KL Sentral, right in front of One Sentral foodcourt, lies this old cart surrounded by so many people. For over decades, this cart belongs to Mr. Chiam who sells his famous friend bananas.

You can only find four kinds of fried stuff in Mr. Chiam's cart, fried banana, sesame ball, kuih bakul, and curry puff. They could end up on your hands for RM1.30 per piece except for the curry puff which will cost you for an additional 20 cents.

Made with fresh and sweet pisang raja and completely coated with batter, resulting in crispy thin layered fried bananas. This batter is also used to coat the fried kuih bakul which is sandwiched between slices of sweet potato and yam. Do eat them while they are still hot to enjoy the sticky gooey kuih bakul in every bite! When common sesame balls are filled with red bean or green bean paste, Mr. Chiam's are filled with crushed peanuts and sugar covered with soft and chewy sesame skin.

All of the item Mr. Chiam made are guaranteed fresh because, why can't it be? His stall is crowded with customers every second!