One of the three new ice creameries that opened at Sunset Way, but perhaps the most underrated. Hundred Acre Creamery is located along a more quiet stretch facing the carpark, and occupies a smaller unit than the other new offerings in this neighbourhood. Surprisingly, they were empty on a Tuesday night (while BC was packed on Monday night). Service here is impeccable, the staff are all cheerful, welcoming and friendly. They’re extremely patient and attentive as well.

First of what we tried - the Dalat. If you love coconut and avocado, you’ll love this. The coconut ice cream at HAC is amazing. It’s packed full of coconut flavour and is super smooth, I made sure to get myself a pint ($12) to bring home. There wasn’t any strange artificial taste or an overwhelming smell of coconut oil. While I wasn’t such a fan of the avocado mousse (I’m more team savoury avo-toast rather than avo-dessert), it had a pleasant mouthfeel that complemented the creamy coconut ice cream really well. The dessert was topped off with a slice of nuts florentine and crushed nuts for some crunchiness too.

Not my personal favourite but if you like coconut-avocado, this should be a must-try.