The Fiery Crab Shrimp Aglio Olio has a pretty impressive title, and it actually lives up to the hype. Besides the half dozen bouncy, fabulously fresh shrimp that’ve been seared superbly, there’s a fair bit of shredded crab claw meat lurking within the lusciously lubricated linguine. Delivering on the ‘fiery’ part of the name is an abundance of dried chili flakes that’ll turn up the heat. You will be reaching for a cold drink to alleviate the heat, and it’s quite coincidental that Beer Basket just so happens to sell ice cold beers. Hmm. Really gets my noggin’ joggin’.

So, once Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo is over, you must head on down to Beer Basket and rob them with your accomplice, Burpple Beyond. Once more, thanks for the hospitality, @beerbasketkatong & @burpple!