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This café might be a little hidden within the compound of Hillview Community Club, but Kohi-ya appears to be a quiet sanctuary for serious café goers (thank goodness there’s Starbucks nearby).

The Matcha Bun Beef Burger appeared to be the choice among the foods served here, and precisely because there seems to be only one burger item, thus this is it. In fact, this is my first encounter in using a Matcha bun for a burger, so it’s worth a try in that sense.

Apart from placing a slice of melted cheese on the burger, the chef had creatively used a blueberry red wine reduction to add a slight fruity twist to the food (real blueberries spotted too!). The beef patty was pretty tasty with sufficient salt added to it, but I had problems deciding whether the Matcha bun was necessary, as it was quite hard and not easy to discern its taste when eaten with the other parts of the burger.

Overall, maybe setting the price tag as S$21.00 is a tad pocket-unfriendly. What a miss......