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Visited on a Saturday afternoon and the cafe was extremely packed. Definitely not the chill weekend lunch place I was hoping for. Sadly thr White Magic was sold out, and the staff were overwhelmed. I ordered the Hot Mocha in place of the White Magic in hopes of having some beautiful latte art that some reviewers mentioned. No such luck. The barista took approx 20 minutes to serve the mocha as there was a long backlog of orders, unfortunately, a waitress bumped into her, causing the beverage to slosh about. To her credit, she immediately walked back to prepare another cuppa despite being less than a metre from our table.

So no elaborate latte art, but the mocha here is one of the better ones I’ve tried. It’s rich and chocolatey, and I was still able to appreciate the roasted aroma of the beans. Nice for an afternoon cafe beverage :)