Date visited: 23/5/2018 (2:55pm)

Quiet, lazy afternoon at Upper Boon Keng Market.

Was very gian (read: craving) for luncheon meat bun lately, but this classic bun is increasingly hard to come by these days.

Walked around the market to look at the bakery stalls to check out the bread rolls and stumbled upon this simple bun!!!

At Boon Keng Bread stall, there are no fanciful buns made with exotic ingredients.

What I found, were the classic, simple buns that I used to spot in traditional bakeries; red bean, kaya, coconut, curry, cheese/ butter, sausage etc

Prices range from $0.80-1.20 per bun, depending on which flavour you choose.

Anyway, back to the luncheon meat bun. The bun was (still) warm, very soft, and so subtly sweet! Exactly what I was looking for! It provides a nostalgic comfort that fanciful buns made with exotic ingredients at hipster cafes/ modern bakeries cannot give.

Such a simple bun, yet such a satisfying experience.

I cannot exaggerate and say that this is the best luncheon meat bun, but sometimes, the simplest things in life (like a couple of luncheon meat buns like this) can make me really happy.

So satisfyingly good!!!