After many months, we decided to make our way down to Black Tap to give their famous burgers and milkshakes a try and it was sadly, quite a let down.

The Lamb Burger ($24)
The lamb burger lacked a punch that I normally look forward to in a lamb burger. Keep it mind that dilute to my dietary restrictions, my food tend to be very low salt and even I felt this burger was a bit..... muted.
I didn’t get the gaminess of the lamb, and the use of a stronger cheese may have benefited the burger more.
The pickles too were a bit of a disappointment. I expected something punchy to really opens up my tastebuds but it just all felt a bit too mellow.
The fries were fried well but I do believe they pre-salt them before frying so the salt runs right through the fries, causing it to lose that slight sweet potato taste.

Oreo Cookie and Cream Milkshake ($12)
The milkshake on the other hand was really good. We decided not to go with the over-the-top Crazy Shakes and go with something a bit more classic and it didn’t disappoint. It was rich, luscious, thick (a bit too thick for the straw they provided) and everything a good milkshake is meant to be. At $12.00 a pop, it is a bit on the pricey side but I suppose if a certain fast food joint can sell theirs at $3.00, than this would be worth every penny.

Overall, I do think there are much better burger joints out there but if you want a good hearty shake than Black Tap is probably the place to be.