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My husband and I visited La Petite on 20th Sep 19 around 19.20. We ordered our food (lobster bisque and 2 weekend sets) at 19.29pm using GrabPay.

At 20.00, our food was still not here. Looking around, we realised tables that came after us were already having their food, and were almost finishing. In the half hour we waited, not a single server came to ask after us, or even to refill our water.

My husband then approached the counter to check on the food. Turns out, they had lost our order. They apologized and assured us they would allow us to "jump queue". Yes, after waiting half hour for our food, we are now jumping the queue.

Again, we waited another 15 minutes. 3 more tables had their food served. I decided to approach the counter to check on the order again. Yes, the order was lost, and it would take some time for the mains to be ready, but for the soup and the appetizers to be delayed again, it was simply unacceptable. To note, at this point, one of the tables who arrived after us had already finished their meal and left.

Finally, when our food had arrived, we thought this was the end of it. But boy were we wrong. I was still waiting for my main (duck confit) when my husband had already finished his main (steak). Once again, my husband went to the counter, and we found out that the server had taken my duck confit and served it to another table, and actually marked it off our order. Again, they issued another apology to appease us. We could not even cancel the order as we had already paid for the meal.

It was meant to be a relaxing evening, but it ended up as one that was filled with frustration and hunger. What a Friday evening.

I stress that this was not an isolated incident as there was another couple who was in the exact same predicament. When we left, they were still having their mains.

Tldr; Go if you enjoy terrible service and having to remind your server every 15 minutes about your food. And waiting of course, for food that would never arrive.