Felt like someone had the brainchild of combining those build-your-own salad bars with ice cream, and boy oh boy was that such an innovative idea. There were a dizzying variety of bases, mix-ins, toppings, and drizzles to choose from; it felt like seeing your own child for the first time when they turned your wildest choices into an actual creation. I didn't want my first experience here to be soured by an incompatible pairing, so I decided to choose from their recommended list.

Muah Chee: Vanilla gelato base with crunchy peanut butter, ground peanut powder, and bits of muah chee. This combi was THE BOMB!! Really tasted like eating mush chee but colder and creamier. The components blended together so seamlessly and deliciously. Definitely going to return, multiple times, to sample their other recommend and perhaps try my hand at creating the next trendy flavour.