Can't rmb the exact breakdown of the dish, it was 17.4++ in the end

Gotta say sun-dried cherry tomatoes were an interesting ingredient, it really was very intense and very dried. But too intense to be taken directly, probably best to be cooked in soup or sth.

The aglio tasted nothing like aglio honestly. There's barely any garlic, it's more a sour and slighty sweet sauce. Incredibly salty too. The staff said their aglio is on the saltier side of things. No this isn't saltier side of things, it was so salty it's almost bitter.

Overall very overrated place, the vibes were casual yet we paid 30 a pax at the end for 1 appetiser and 2 mains, with minimal customisation. Not only that, the food wasn't even that good. Could barely taste the flavours in the gimmicky pasta themselves, and it's unbelievable that a pasta place undercooked their pasta. Please just go to a proper pasta place, I have no idea why they're so hyped.