A newcomer in the buzzy basement of One Raffles Place, this takeaway stand serves Japanese fermented rice drinks said to detoxify the body and aid digestion. Amazake is a non-alcoholic, milky and naturally sweet drink without added sugar. Choose to have your amazake neat, or mixed with either soy milk or cold-pressed juices. Start your day with the Mango or Kiwi Amamoto Chia Seed Parfait ($5.80) and a cold amazake drink (from $4.80) as your Breakfast Set — you save $2 that way. Of the three cold drink options, we like the Roasted Soybean (U.P. $5) the best. When stirred in well, the roasted powder gives the drink a smoky flavour that we just can't get enough of! At lunch, skip the snaking line at The Daily Cut and head here for their salads (from $9.80) instead. Apart from greens, quinoa and cherry tomatoes that you can dress with either one of their house made salad dressings (Yuzu or Sesame) mixed with amazake, the meats are also marinated in amazake, resulting in tender yet flavourful proteins. Pro tip: Stock your fridge with a bottle of their Pure Amazake ($6.50) for days when you're feeling bloated!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See