it was my first trip to Anchorpoint and it was a cool mall tbh, there were so many nice shops like Ma Maison, TCC, Duke Bakery & All the Batter!! there was a real cool japanese mart too 👍🏻 but anyways,,
for lunch we shared a crayfish & scallop baked rice, croquettes & a chocolate lava cake! the baked rice used risotto rice and it was a refreshing concept! i thought the crayfish were mini prawns lmao #onebraincell the seafood were juicy but honestly this baked rice wasn’t my fav. /
the croquettes were good tho, it had whole corns in them and were served with a tangy dipping sauce! mayhaps it’s because i love croquettes and anything citrusy lol but i loved this one! it wasn’t too oily too. /
as for the lava cake, it was super rich & chocolaty, momsie & i were like “MMMMMMM” during the first few bites but i lowkey got a little sick of it towards the end... the batter tasted a little too doughy after a few bites. i wish the ice cream wasn’t vanilla flavoured, i dislike most vanilla ice creams bc they taste artificial and weird (i’ve had good vanilla ice cream tho but those are super rare) and TCC’s tasted a little artificial too ☹️ i ate some anyway bc it feels good to pair cold with hot when having desserts lol /
i also ordered a caffeine-free melon & mangosteen tea and it came with a cookie!!!! (which was good btw it was so buttery 😍) the tea itself was fruity & floral with a unique scent (since i’ve never had mangosteen tea before) some other things in the teabag: marigold, rosehip, apple... & a few other things but again i have one brain cell so that was all i can remember. my mom got a peanut hazelnut chocolate latte which was sweet, comforting and full of texture but she said it made her feel sick halfway through the cup 🤷🏻‍♀️ probably from the huge amounts of sugar in it but well it tasted yum. /
it felt nice going back to TCC after a long while as my mom & i used to frequent there after my hospital appointments a few years ago (at another outlet) and i felt like i relieved some nice memories hehe.