Hidden within Rivervale Plaza (not to be confused with Rivervale Mall) within Sengkang is Boat Noodle Express, a rather recently opened eatery that serves Thai noodles.

Got myself the Pork Tom Yum Dry Noodles and one can opt for the type of noodles (went with Kway Teow) and even for it to be spicy or non-spicy. While the pork balls were quite miniature in reality as compared to the illustration, the Tom Yum here especially for the spicy version comes quite fiery with a tinge of tanginess which was more prominent at the start. I added the chili flakes available on the side initially after a few mouthfuls, but the spiciness was almost up to my limit in no time. Actually a pretty decent eat in this part of Sengkang, and it's pretty decently priced at $7.50 if you don't mind shelling a bit more to have something apart from the myriad of local fare available at the mall.