Launched less than a week ago at @nakedfinn, the Blue Cod Fish Burger ($17) is what you could call an “atas” (premium) version of the Filet-o-fish by you-know-who. I feel it is the sauce that brings everything together to make this burger so craveable. Think of it as a gregarious social butterfly, lubricating the conversation between the crunchy, thick slab of blue cod and the soft brioche buns (from @bakerybrera of course). Composed of shio kombu, white wine vinegar for acidity and some pickled chillies for a quiet heat, the sauce also incorporates avocado for a lascivious va-va-voom voluptuousness.
You can reel a couple of these golden beauties to enjoy by tapping on the link in @nakedfinn’s bio on Instagram.
Islandwide delivery is available but if you have a car, why not swing by to pick up and experience their contactless drive-thru service?

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