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To be honest, I was semi-skeptical about Grids & Circles as the menu looks super healthy (yes I have a somewhat unhealthy palate)😛 But since I have been overeating this week and there is a one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond, why not? The Oyako Pan ($15) exceeded my expectations! Tender and juicy chicken thigh cooked in teriyaki sauce, silky scrambled eggs and Asian salad dressed in kombu mayo are served atop English muffins - the mayo and teriyaki sauce complemented each other and it was surprisingly tasty. For records, Oyako Pan is served with mixed greens as well but I replaced mine with a 2nd serving of chips:P My friend had Salmon Ochasuke ($16) which comprises of a pan-fried salmon fillet on top of rice, white bait, puff rice and cherry tomatoes. You have to pour the bacon genmaicha dashi broth over the rice to complete the porridge. The flavours are clean and subtle, but not bland. The cafe, from its decor to utensils to vibes, is comfortable and relaxing. Not a bad choice if you wish to get away from the crowd for a mental and gastronomical detox.