super expensive($37.5 per person after GST... wtf....) (GST rly kills my dudes...) but felt so nourishing. u know how after eating sukiya u legit feel like trash? yes well this one was so .. nice. we got 2 beef 2 pork 2 chicken n each plate had a lot of meat so u don’t feel the need to unnecessarily order to get ur money’s worth. also the sides were SO good. tender quality meat! it also comes w icecream B)! AND JAPANESE CURRY. but the focus is the meat n sides. sauce selection is AMAZING. 🥵 soup bases chosen : yuzu salt n suki dashi. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 feels so bad to spend so much but also feels so good to treat urself. 😵9️⃣/🔟 will return if I want hotpot