Put a posh spin on your desk lunch and step out to this takeaway shop in Tanjong Pagar Centre for Josper oven-grilled meat rice bowls. There are currently three options for your protein — Grassfed Black Angus Sirloin ($14), Thai Basil Grilled Chicken ($9) and the much talked about 18hr Sous-Vide Jowl (pork cheeks, $12). All the meats are smoked with apple wood for more depth and complexity, and served with premium Japanese Yamagata Haenuki rice plus a 63-degree sous-vide oozy egg. Vegetables like Asparagus and Cherry Tomato on Vine are at an additional $1 each. Pro tip: Take Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua's advice and be fearless about stirring in the zingy chili they serve on the side!
Avg price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong