There's a reason why boon tong kee has been such a Long standing brand name and why the queues to this restaurant are ever forming - especially during dinner time. Sometimes, being so excited about discovering new places to eat , we overlook these old places. Visiting places that we used to go as a family brings back many good and happy memories and boon tong kee is one of them. The chicken is still so well cooked . Succulent , juicy and smooth. I like the added gesture of the waitress adding the soy sauce over the chicken only when the chicken is served. It is just such a feast for the eyes to see the fragrant soy sauce being poured slowly over the chicken. By this time, no one is spared from salivating . ... At Sgd 10, I wouldn't say that it is the cheapest for half a bird but for the quality of food , the great Chicken rice Chilli and the clean air conditioned comfort ,I gladly pay.
The chicken rice was tasty and has a good garlicky flavour but I would have preferred it a little less mushy .
I would opt for the plain porridge ( sgd1.20) anytime. Cooked till smooth , the hk style porridge was subtly sweet from the dried scallops used to flavour the porridge. So comforting , I could eat it on its own .