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Resisted our favorite HDL and got down to trying a new hotpot place in Clarke Quay! Started off with a yuan yang pot of ma la (why of course) and pork bone broth. The latter caught our hearts with its rich savoury flavour, the kind that you'll feel is boiled super thoroughly. The ma la paled in comparison, it didn't pack a punch as much as we would have liked, especially if you're used to HDL. It was light but still quite fragrant and had a nice balance of both numbness and heat! You can customize the level of oil, peppercorns, etc. Also, not sure if it was the ventilation, but it got really hot half way through and we were sweating buckets even though it wasn't crowded.

Price wise, it's about the same as HDL's but somehow, we all felt that the portion here is a tad smaller for certain dishes. There isn't half portions here, so come in bigger groups! Would definitely recommend to get their Shrimp Paste ($17) - two square blocks of pure shrimp paste, once cooked its crunchy and q, super shiok!

Service wasn’t as attentive at times although there weren't many people. We had to keep getting up to get our dishes placed on a separate table, but our cups and soups were constantly refilled. Not sure if we'll come back again but if you do want to give it a try, there's a Si Chuan Face Changing (四川变脸) performance daily from 7.30pm to 8pm!