Black Tongue's rendition of the classic French duck leg confit has a little Asian twist to it in the form of a trio of mandarin orange wedges. The citrusy juiciness of the fruit complements and contrasts with the heavier, meatier element of the duck well.

As for the duck itself, it's notably tender all throughout, but the meat that's further away from the bone tends to be a little dry thanks to the concerted effort to crisp up the skin. But nothing great was ever achieved without a little digging, as is the case here. The meat on the bone is insanely savory and joyfully juicy thanks to it being cooked with the bone in, imparting even more precious flavor into the duck.

What sets this duck confit above its competitors is definitely the marvelously moreish Asian orange sweet black sauce that's been judiciously ladled onto the duck and its accompanying roast spuds. It's luscious, slightly sweet and strikingly savory and clings to the duck well, adding that very welcome element of smoothness and a sweet yet savory touch to an already decent dish.