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We got the River Prawn Tom Yam Noodle ($10.50) and also the Pad Thai with Omelette ($10.50) using Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

The ingredients used are definitely fresh and of good quality especially the prawns which were in both dishes.

I liked the Tom Yam broth of the noodles, it was rich, spicy and sweet. Gets a little gelat after awhile so it’ll be more ideal for sharing!

Here’s the huge downfall, the rice noodles! Used in both dishes, it was supposed to be the star, however, it was everything I DO NOT WANT in rice noodles : hard and tough to bite while at the same time sticky? (takes some skill to achieve this as well as this is quite hard to achieve? hahaha)

Perhaps this is just my own take but if what I’ve described suits exactly your taste in rice noodle texture then this is the place for you!

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