It seems that the sisters behind the successful Hatter Street cafe in Hougang have a knack for all things whimsical, judging by their latest venture in the heartlands of Boon Keng. Oh My Tian is just a ten minute drive away from its sister store, a carnival-inspired cafe with hand-painted wall murals, European-themed furniture and decorations larger than life, including a six pax seating booth built to resemble a carousel. A stark difference between Hatter Street and Oh My Tian is the inclusion of more savoury items on their menu. Swing by the cafe with your kids in tow and order the Hashbrown Pizza ($12) — shredded potato baked to a golden brown and topped with mushrooms, sausages and a shower of cheese — a definite winner in any kid's book! Adults, go for the Chicken Tacos ($12) stuffed with thick chunks of sous vide chicken salthered in sambal mayo(!). Reward yourselves with a cup of Hot Fudge Ice Chocolate ($7.50), and save some space for their legendary Hatter Street Whoa-ffles ($5.50 plain, $9 with ice cream) complete with a scoop of ice cream made in-house!