The Matcha Marvellous hotcake incarcerates a deep green matcha lava that oozes out upon a radius-long incision. It’s ornamented with a variety of thumb-sized items, namely dollops of azuki and ricotta, cut-up dango, some brown crumbles and a surprise handful of citrus-charged yuzu peels. First impression - it resembles a well-maintained mini garden.

While I did enjoy it overall, I do think there were a couple of aspects I thought I could use some amelioration. A rather stunning presentation would send the mental cue to anyone that the flavour would be just as promising. However, this was where it came up short.

The matcha flavour was hardly distinct, and also lacked potency. Just to give an idea, it took me at least three bites just to ascertain a hint of it. I wasn’t too hung up on it, honestly. But for matcha connoisseurs, I can only imagine how they’d respond to it.

The texture also got slightly mushy towards the centre, especially where the matcha lava was taking cover. It wasn’t helpful towards the end, when I was nearly full - the jelak-ness was real. 😵 I think sharing it with another person would definitely have mitigated that.

Yet, with all said and done, I will say that I did leave the place fully fed and satisfied! (7.6/10)