Fettucine with Homemade Sausage, Mix Mushrooms and Fresh Black Truffle.

This sauce is from the small town of Norcia in eastern Umbria, famous for it’s black truffles and pork, particularly sausages and salami. This recipe, created to highlight Umbria’s delicious sausages can be found all across the region.

The flavor combination is sublime, with the savory crumbled house made pork sausage playing off the earthiness of the truffle. One taste and it makes sense that these two ingredients are born from the same region. It is as if the flavors themselves reflect a sense of place.

The use of fresh black truffle subtly enhances the earthy dimension without throwing off the delicate flavor of this dish. At the same time, the thick cream draws out the essence of the prized truffle, coating the entire dish in pure luxury. I added red pepper flakes to and it definitely kicks up the flavor a notch or two!

Though I’m more of a tomato cream person, i must say this kind of grows on you as you get through the dish. 😛