At $2 per piece, this tau sar piah chain whispers "only for the atas" when they have an outlet situated at Chinatown Point (where elderly, who tend to have lower purchasing powers, likes to hang out). Still, the demand for these golden pastries is still high as customers easily leaves with boxes and the kitchen churns them out in trays.

No matter what brand it is, my favourite is always the salted bean version as I prefer them savoury. Not only does Thye Moh Chan does theirs (right) well, they also have a savoury Yuan Yang flavour (left) which comprises of salted bean with spicy floss - a very close competitor of the traditional savoury. I super love their filling for being sufficiently salty yet not overpowering, highly fragrant (guessing the use of pork lard here), and that savoury yuan yang had a nice spicy touch to add another dimension of flavour to the whole pastry. Encased in an extremely flaky skin, it's gonna be messy but don't be shy to lick it all up because it's just so good.

Definitely more worth it to get their box of 8 at $13.80!

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