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Honestly not very sure how the pricing works. The lady barely asks you for what u want. She just ask the no of pax. So if you have special request state immediately. Abit difficult to know whats gg on unless you're a regular here, the pricing also no clear indication

That being said this is pretty good. Honestly ive always found braised duck places to be way too light on the braising liquid, compared to braised Pork. And those that are more strongly braised always end up being the ones i prefer by far. Clearly many people share my opinion because this place is packed despite the location. The braising liquid is nothing like the normal braised duck, it's very similar to the braised Pork kind.

Duck was pretty tender, braising liquid was salty as it should be so it goes well with rice. Rather satisfying but is it really worth a trip? If you are able to make braised Pork at home with a good commercial braising sauce, swap the pork with duck and you're set.

Come early before the braised Pork runs out. Also they dont sell Wings or Drumstick by itself if they dont have extra lying around, reason being a lot of people order half duck and they need those to be whole

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