(Hosted Preview) Everyone who’s tasted this seasonal fruit will vouch for its extreme fragrance, sweetness, juiciness and superb firm-to-the-bite texture.
And in the hands of award-winning Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh (@tartebycherylkoh) and her team including Chef @kellycheah, it’s a win-win situation. They have unleashed their creativity in a fine display for the limited edition Afternoon Tea Set ($60 per pax) which sets the stage for the magnificence of the Jukhyang and MerryQueen, both Korean Strawberries so fabulous in their own way, to shine.
The set menu will be available daily at 3pm for one month, beginning on Monday, the 15th of March 2021. I would definitely recommend calling ahead to make a reservation because based on the number of people that slid into my DMs, many are very excited to try it.
To pair with the food, the team has concocted a selection of delicious drinks featuring Korean Strawberries as well. You do however, have the option of tea or coffee if that’s preferred.
What’s more, during this period, you can even purchase the fruit right there at the shop. How convenient for those who can’t get enough of the fruit and wish to continue indulging at home.

Thank you very much @brandfit for inviting us to the preview. And congratulations again Chef Cheryl on your new location. Love how gorgeous and comfortable the huge space is.