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Felt like having something simple, so off we went to “Ah Chiang‘s Porridge” in the charming neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru.
It had been at least half a year since we dined here so I decided to have their basic Mixed Pork Porridge which comes with sliced lean meat, minced pork, liver and intestine. On a side note: Weirdly enough, as much as I love eggs, I have always felt they have no place cracked into a bowl of porridge. Does anyone share the same view about this?
Anyway, we rounded off our order with a plate of watercress stir-fried in garlic, fried fish roe (this usually sells out fast so I was glad there were a few plates of it left) and some 油条 (“you tiao” or fried dough sticks).
Hmmm... I guess in the end it wasn’t that simple a meal after all 😆.

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