price: $14.50

didn’t want to overestimate my spice tolerance so i got a lvl 2 out of the 4 lvls🤭🌶 — would say it’s comfortable!!! if u rly want a KICK then lvl 3&4 wld be shiok! 👄 the broth was really creamy and smooth,, but definitely on the oily side!😳 pretty heavy broth so i didn’t finish it! on the other hand, if u love extra thin ramen noodles, this is the place!!! since we got to choose our ramen texture, i got hard (it softens aft a while so it wld be just nice by then!) MMMM IT WAS GOOD! pretty similar to ichiran type ramen (if you have tried that), since they are all hakata style ramen!🍜🍜🍜 chashu was super tender and soft so 😋

this place don’t do reservations so if you wna try, go early!!! i went there at around 7.30pm and man it was a 20-30 mins wait? 🤭

rate: 8/10 🌶🌶