Well, I think we’ve found it. A hotpot that I thought was pretty poor, one that I ain’t hot for. It may be mildly colder weather than usual in Singapore right now, which means that it’s hotpot szn, but this still failed to impress. Sure, @izakayaniningashi is first and foremost an izakaya, so them having hotpot (the Japanese word is nabe, which makes every true blue Singapore snigger at the pronunciation) on the menu is pretty much a bonus. ⠀

While they were acceptably altruistic with the amount of chicken meatballs, thinly sliced pork belly shabu shabu, enoki mushrooms & Japanese silken tofu, they could’ve been a lot more lavish with the salt. The broth was basically all spice & nothing else. Even after letting all the ingredients stew in it for a bit, the broth was still banally bland.⠀

Not gonna lie, for $29.90++, I was expecting better from this hotpot.⠀