Had always remembered the dessert options at Katong to be the ice-cream ships such as Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique and The Humble Scoop, but I have kind of forgot about Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop that serves up some pretty decent Chinese Tang Shui (糖水) at The Flow, situated between Roxy Square and Hotel Indigo.

Cannot recall if I actually had this item some time back when I had visited them quite a number of times for various items which I found interesting on the menu (the Ginger Milk Pudding 姜撞奶 being quite the draw here). Nonetheless, the Fried Custard is a hot dessert that would hit those who love their eggy desserts well — it’s egginess is particularly alluring and fragrant, while the yellow custard is rich and smooth; pretty dense and luscious without being overly sweet.

There isn’t much of an option for Chinese desserts in this part of the island, considering much of Katong is all about its Peranakan heritage and a neighbourhood well-known for its cafe and bistros. Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop is an establishment that fills up that void pretty well with its wide variety of Chinese desserts on the menu, and with a comfortable environment with a second floor “deck” that works well as a slow spot to relax away from the jostle of the neighbourhood outside.