A favourite on Burpple's Hot 100 list last year, this is also a go-to among Burpple Tastemakers for soy sauce chicken. Order the Signature Soya Sauce Chicken ($10 for half chicken, $20 for whole), which Burpple Tastemaker Russell Wong declares to be the "tastiest and most savoury birds on the block". He describes the chicken to have soaked up the legendary gravy, resulting in bites full of slightly herbal, savoury flavours, and slightly sweetened bouncy skin, thanks to the coating of honey that's slicked on post-boil. While you're here, order the Signature Braised Beancurd ($1.40 per piece), which is smooth yet firm, and a dream for the palate when drenched in the soy sauce gravy.
Avg price: $10
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Russell Wong

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