Decided on the carbonara because it came with a chef’s hat! Chef’s recommendation shouldn’t go wrong right? But well.. it really wasn’t the best choice. I’d say, stick to the pizza selections at Lucca’s! The pizzas fared way better than their pastas in my opinion. The spaghetti were a tad thicker than usual - not too sure what’s the pasta type here. Given it’s thickness, it could do with a longer cook time. It was not exactly al-dente. A tad too thick and not as chewy as we would love it to be. While the cream was great, the bacon slices were in a 50-50 ratio of meat and fats. It’s great at the first few bites but it does get cloying and exceptionally filling after some time. I’ve definitely tasted better carbonara elsewhere and unfortunately the rendition here doesn’t provide the same satisfaction as the others did.

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