Koryori Hayashi is yet another(!) newly opened hawker stall on the first floor of Amoy Street Food Centre, and they have borne the cross of rectifying the dire lack of Japanese food options within Amoy. Unfortunately, by the time I got to put in my order, they had run out of rice (REEEEEEEEEE), effectively eliminating the 4 ricebowls on their menu. As such, I had to settle for this bowl of mentaiko pasta, priced at $7 a bowl.

Mentaiko pasta is nothing new, and Koryori Hayashi isn't attempting to reinvent the wheel either. Instead, they opted to dish out a rather satisfying, wallet friendly option of it. Al dente pasta is tossed within a deluge of mentaiko sauce that was a lot less salty than I expected it to be and served with a small squad of shrimp. While I did think that the sauce could've been a little more savory to up the oomph-factor, it was delightfully creamy and luscious, and was loaded with an abundance of actual fish roe within.

For $7, it's quite a decent deal. However, due to Koryori Hayashi having the standard, newly opened teething problems that are exacerbated by the shocking lack of space within the stall, the wait can go up to half an hour long.

Unless you have the patience of a Tibetan Monk, I would advise giving them some time to refine their processes before giving them all the much-needed love and support you can.

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