Finally tried the Mala Soup (麻辣汤) from Yang Guo Fu and I was mistaken to think that the queue would have died down 6 months after their grand opening in Singapore last year😂 Thankfully, the mala soup did not disappoint after the long wait!

I had the Mala Beef Soup and the Medium Spicy (中辣) level is actually very manageable. I find it less spicy and oily than the usual 麻辣香锅 equivalent, but nonetheless the broth is still very robust and flavourful. I picked my favourite ingredients and it amounted to $19.60, which is pretty reasonable given that I might have over-ordered😛 There is a wide variety of ingredients to choose from and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that they have frozen tofu (冻豆腐), something I usually find in hotpot restaurants only.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with their mala soup and I can’t wait to try the dry version someday:)!