1. Finally tried @ioosteriasg after wanting to visit for the longest time. Assorted pizza (medium) [$24++], from left to right: Garlic and chilli, pepperoni, zucchini and bacon, margherita.
2. I wish the servers had told us how much more the gluten-free pasta would cost ($8++ if you need to know) and how big the small/medium/large pizzas were.. I asked about the latter and the waitress just said the small is one pizza cut into four 😂 Not very helpful honestly, she could have told us the portion size or that we could see how big the pizzas were based on the display at the front. The medium size is for sharing (among maybe three or more people), please don’t order it for one person to eat, it’s way too much. I learnt it the hard way 😂
3. The restaurant is very pretty with lots of natural light.