Opened fairly recently, Sundays Ice-Cream is a new ice-cream parlour which is located along Telok Kurau Road just a stone’s throw away from Cafe de Nicole’s Flower on the opposite side — the ice-cream parlour offers quite a good variety of ice-cream flavours with quirky names such as the Crema Mama, Hazel’s Nut and Avocado Fellow; some of which had piqued my interest even before making the visit here.

Given the number of ice-cream/gelato parlours which had opened recently, we have admittedly been rather exhausted with trying out most of the places where the flavours seem a tad generic and run-off-the-mill. That being said, having tried both the Fifty Shades of Earl Grey and Black Sesame Street here, we found ourselves so spoilt for choice that we eventually ended up with both flavours at one go — the former being really aromatic with its tea notes; almost akin to that of having a rather intense Earl Grey Milk Tea that would certainly captivate those who are into tea-inspired ice-cream flavours, while the latter was an equally punchy flavour with strong notes of roasty black sesame, all that without being particularly heaty and not too gritty. Found the Fifty Shades of Earl Grey to come just a wee bit icy, but it was something lesser of a bother considering how strong the tea aroma was. The Waffle Bite is seemingly an item that was made for people like me — folks who would want to give the waffles a go but unable to finish an entire waffle on my own; the wedge of waffle was sufficiently moist yet with a crisp exterior, and wafts of a lingering buttermilk aroma that was alluring.

It’s location at Kurau Court may seem a little bit inconvenient for some; not the easiest of places to reach. That being said, we were left impressed with the flavours that they have to offer — no doubt lacks the artisanal factor that some places try to play it out especially with the use of botanical or herby elements, but Sundays Ice-Cream does serve up some seriously well-executed ice-cream without being particularly over-the-top. A spot that is worth making the trip for!