First of all, this is a really cool place to eat. It's got a hippie coffee shop vibe selling a range of food from wanton noodles to seafood. What more, safra members get about 10% off on various food items too!

I tried the Beef Pho and although the wait was pretty long for non-peak hours, the broth was good. There was a decent amount of meat and their beef balls are 👍🏻 - not sure if it's handmade but they were tasty! loved it! The prawn rolls were a bit bland so I recommend to just try the beef pho ☺️ $6.00 on pho and $2.80 on prawn roll.
Rating: 3.5/5(plus points for the hippie vibes)

Oh and do get their lime plum drink. It's really refreshing! 🍸