This beautiful café took my breath away with their decor full of living plants and dried flowers, and most importantly -- delicious food!

Soufflé Pancake (S$20.50) 8/10 🥞
Doesn't this pancake look like a darling with charming little fruits adorning it? Well, it tastes as good as it looks! The pancake was thick enough for that iconic /jiggle/ that every café-hopper has a boomerang of, and is topped by a generous helping of whipped cream and refreshingly sweet fruits. Personal preference but just wished that the pancake came all in one thick piece!

Beef short rib ($29.90) 8/10 🍖
DID YOU SEE HOW easily the short rib fell apart?? The demi-glace sauce wasn't that flavourful but I'll overlook it seeing how I could pick every morsel off the bone with a spoon. What I found most unique about this dish was the 3 types of salt they provided us with, which included this brown smoked sea salt -- it tastes like a barbeque going on right in your mouth!

Korean style fried chicken ($25.50) 8/10 🍗
This crispy fried half-chicken remained fantastically crispy despite being slathered in a sticky sweet-and-sour yangnyeom sauce. I'm still wondering how they got the inside of the pieces SO JUICY -- even the breast meat came apart wonderfully.

Was actually not expecting such a beautiful café to have both aesthetics and good food as well, but this is one of the rare few as you can see from my honest review. Thank you @wossg for having us and collaborating!