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THIS IS SUPER GOOD! Deserves a review all on its own. Contains unagi-flavored coleslaw drizzled with mountains of ebiko and bonito flakes. I am usually not a huge fan of traditional kueh pie tee but this really stunned us because it was REALLY GOOD! The flavors went together nicely and you will enjoy it if you like unagi and bonito. Eat the entire thing in one mouth for maximum joy!!!😋😋 Also served in a cute dimsum tray!

Chahan Unagi
Beef King Don
Black Fries Day
Samurai Kueh Pie Tee
Mythical Chawanmushi
Generous Portion, Friendly Staffs
Yuzu Muah Chee ($8)
Woked Porridge ($19.80)
Spicy Crab Fried Rice ($19.80)
Charcoaled Pork ($8.80)
Kii Wings ($7.80/6 Pcs)