That charred top sure looked pretty on picture, but sadly, fell short of expectations. Though the crust was fairly crisp, I wished the bun itself had the crispy grilled exterior and fluffy insides that I'm crazy about. The kaya was also way too sweet, even for a sugar fiend like I. πŸ˜–

That said, I wouldn't mind chilling out at this nostalgic-meets-grungy cafe, housed in the charmingly retro Kam Leng Hotel. Might return to try the enticing Mee Pok (served with poached egg), but will probably skip their toasts in future.

Aww man I wanted to check them out for the Kaya toast initially too. The Mee Pok sounds really interesting though!
Xing Wei Chua Oh man :X Let me know if you do decide to try the kaya toast in the end! It might just be me who finds it too sweet, haha! And yes! The Mee Pok looks really good, like pasta hahaha.
Pasta-looking Mee Pok; sounds interesting definitely! πŸ˜‹