this ramen place has a wide variety of choices which i really enjoyed , it has five main soup bases which is the Tonkotsu 🐷, Uobushi Tonkotsu 🐟🐷, Miso , Spicy Tonkotsu 🌶, Shoyu along with many sides as well . reasonable and considered affordable with prices starting from $8.90 !!

for most bases you can choose different toppings such as Toroniku ( pork cheek ) , Tamago 🥚( egg ) , Chashu and some like Grand 🐷🐷🐷( 3 types of pork , pork belly , pork cheek , chashu ) , Pork Yakiniku ( stir fry pork slices ) , Yasai Cha shu 🥬( vegetables ) . different toppings will have different prices but i like how we have options for what toppings we want :)

i got the Spicy Toroniku Tonkotsu🌶 and i would say a pretty good bowl of ramen , i would prefer it to be spicier ?? but of course there were condiments and also , do take note that different soup bases has different type of noodles as well ! not the BEST but definitely would recommend to get your ramen fix here for the value and quality !

the time i went was for the 1for1 promotion so there was a long queue and the restaurant was packed and busy . despite this , the staff still served us with speed and friendlyness :D

overall a good experience 4/5 :) do catch their 1for1 deals for the next 3 weeks at selected outlets ><