Japanese cuisine never cease to amaze you as it always educates you on their regional cuisine that not only reserves to Sushi, sashimi or teppanyaki! In one of the restaurants located on the 4th floor of the Isetan Japan Store in Lot 10, there lies a yakitori restaurant which specialize all those quaint little gems of the Japanese cuisine which is truly rare to find in KL! So in this restaurant, I had the pleasure in trying out their specialty; Unagi and egg rice (RM50) with a side of soup.. it may seem very simple but there is a method to enjoy this little bowl of unagi. First you have to separate a portion of the rice alongside a piece of unagi with a piece of the egg blanket and then you pour a portion of the soup into the bowl which contains the mentioned components.. from there you can start enjoying it, the style of enjoying it does sounds familiar to a Ochazuke style but Ochazuke is mainly the tea broth is steeped into the bowl of rice without individually portioning it.. Surprisingly, the soup goes well with the sticky sweet and salty unagi together with the blanket texture of the umami egg!