Last night I checked out TONO Cevicheria at DUO Galleria that serves Peruvian cuisine, and I was very pleased with the meal.
The Peruvians love ceviche, and a ceviche named after the restaurant must be their signature dish. And it also turned out to be the dish I'll return specially for.
Those crispy calamari were addictive, as it came with a crispy batter while remaining succulent within. It retained its crisp even after soaking in the citrus sauce with smoked aji and tiger's milk (what's remaining after mixing the the citrus juice mix with raw seafood). But of course, as with all ceviche, the main protein was the raw fish, and our hamachi was fresh and firm.
And that citrus sauce that the fish was cured in was certainly potent. While it could be overly sour for some, I happened to like its strength, and thought it was very appetizing as a starter to the meal.