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A decade ago, when I first started heading out for coffee, Oriole used to be my favourite café thanks to their amazing brews and MAD (macadamia, almond, and dates) milk. Fast forward to today though they no longer hold such a treasured spot in my heart. Where their espresso used to be bold and nutty, it’s now so bitter and (I’m guessing) burnt I couldn’t even get through half of my iced black. Where their MAD milk used to be extremely creamy and nutty with a hint of earthy sweetness, it now has a super unpleasantly muddy taste and none of that once amazing nuttiness. For coffee fortunately, we’ve got a lot of good stores around so it doesn’t feel as big of a loss. Can’t say the same for their MAD milk though, and if anyone could point me in a direction of an alternative I’ll be so so soooo grateful 😭