Contrary to expectations, Lucky House’s newest dish of crayfish hor fun (flat rice noodles) was steamed as opposed to stir fried, and I was expecting it to be quite underwhelming. Fortunately, I was completely wrong, as the crayfish hor fun was ridiculously redolent despite being simply steamed.

The sweetness of the crayfish had bled out into the noodles, and when dressed with a sensationally sapid & aromatic soy-based sauce fused with fragrant shallot oil, the lowly rice noodles attained sweet, savoury nirvana. Of course you gotta toss those noods, but then again, nothing worth having came easy did it? As for the crayfish chunks, dat shit cray. They were fabulously fresh, satisfyingly springy in texture, strikingly sweet and simply succulent.

This dish cray cray, yo. I r8 8/8 m8