They really live up to their name of being a Roast Meat Specialist 🥰🤪

Arrived at a pretty early timing (~5pm ish) for dinner expecting little queue and plenty of roast meats available. Unfortunately only the char siew was available so you probably have to visit during lunch!!

Ordered the char siew noodles ($4.50) which came with some bok choy and chilli. The chilli was amazing with a kick to it! But more importantly, the char siew is amazing with the fatty components complimenting the meat. It was well-caramelised and juicy and made up for the fact that the siew yok/duck werent available. Thing to note is that the bowl is quite small - might not be able to fill those with big appetites!

All in all 9/10 for the value and quality. Would come here again!!! Really want to try their siew yok and roast duck too 🥺🥺